58 city was traced to eat live off on the second-hand housing transactions

over the weekend, the domestic housing stock market staged a strong combination of drama, Beijing intermediary industry leader in home chain, blissful real estate, to enter the market in Shanghai; the largest classifieds site 58 city is traced to eat the old real estate business website live off. Although the combination is regarded as the intermediary industry "start out small fish", but the real identity and blissful home chain line and the identity of 58 city and live off the Internet platform more compelling, some analysts said, due to the impact of the Internet, the real estate intermediary industry competition will focus on O2O, together, the are the dominant entities under the line and online business two O2O giant will begin showdown.

line giant rapid expansion of

yesterday, the chain announced in its official website and the German real estate comprehensive merger news, although the details of the acquisition is not mentioned, but the chain has taken to express the family through the merger with Germany quickly opened the ambition of the Shanghai market. In the wake of the beginning of February, the chain of home of leading enterprise in southwest Yicheng real estate started a full merger.

in fact, as early as in the chain of home real estate in 2011 Beijing second-hand housing transactions occupy more than 50% share had proposed to carry out the national expansion in 2015 to 15, the layout of the city, in the transformation of the declaration in December last year, the chain of home is also proposed to realize the transaction amount 2 trillion yuan sales target, and a way to achieve it the target is to model change, regional expansion.

, a person close to the chain of home parties to the Beijing Daily reporter said, the chain of home, the combination is the best way to enter the market, especially with the rapid growth of the real estate industry Chinese end, affected by the deep intermediary industry is about to usher in a reshuffle, the chain of home round shot though risk implied rash. But it also took the opportunity to the development of reason.


chain of home real estate chairman Zuo Hui also said that the real estate market is Chinese from the first to the two or three line of the city into the echelon housing stock dominates the market, on the other hand, the Internet and IT technology is having a profound impact on the industry, the two chance of birth is the real estate service platform, which will also be the development direction of chain home.

online platform for transition

As Zuo Hui

, the real estate industry is affected by the Internet and IT technology, anjuke, Soufangwang real estate business website, the rise of the 58 city and Ganji service platform and love and house such as pure online trading platform intermediary entity on the line has had an impact, especially in joint 58 city and housing the guest seems to indicate that online information platform transition to the housing transaction platform change.

had informed sources told the Beijing Daily reporter, including profit SouFun, live off the city and 58 business platform by charging port traffic fees to the intermediary companies, the mode from last year suffered intermediary industry collective boycott, intermediary companies also began to focus shifted to its business platform.

traditional business model encounter customer boycott, 5>

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