The designer should be aware of the vulnerability of Witkey

study of Witkey mode biggest flaw of an article from Baidu Post Bar, please click on the text, not on behalf of the Logoware logo design network concepts.

I’m a professional designer, work, often go to some Witkey to undertake the task, to enrich myself, I went to the goal is not only for the money, but also to spend a little time, but recently I feel more and more Witkey makes me uncomfortable, the is Witkey network is how to avoid, you release task cheating?


I was recently in a Witkey network task, found a called "LOGO Hotel", the list is not large, only more than and 200 dollars, but a lot of people, there are more than and 20 people to undertake, but in the end, the successful bidder is a widely known as the college student, works a bit miserable not crazy feeling. Finally, this work was successful. This task has aroused strong controversy netizens


why did the task publisher choose this work? I personally think there may be several reasons:

: he is indeed the first possibility is that love works, but I believe that people’s eyes are similar, the man said that his work is different from the commercial, art, ha ha, this sentence I said at first, the winning bidder, you are wrong, the commercial work is to make the most of the public identity, and art is the need for a person to enjoy the appreciation, and your so-called commercial works, in the comments it seems most people do not agree, is likely to be released is the task of love, I can only say that the publisher of the task look very offbeat.

second is that the task is due, the task publisher, and found that not what favorite works, do not want to continue, may be lost on the information on the website designer, simply, I do one, and then select their bid, but also very elated for their products I love you, this kind of style, what senior designer, what design strength are not. I just love myself.

A final possibility is

, the task publisher, he is a drag, just want to spend two or thirty dollars have set some programs, and then he changed, holding their own use, the results of the designer’s labor for themselves, and then do not want to spend too much money, they do one, choose your own successful, very smart approach.

more than two or three possible, I participate in the bidding, since the observation of Witkey network are found, a good grasp of the loopholes, the drawback is a drawback since the existing form of Witkey mode! I asked from the task China and pig management team, so they give me an answer.:

I would like to ask the administrator will ask: not with the publisher announced that someone did not use after winning bidder works but the use of the works that people do not bid also can appear


the other party hesitated for a long time

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