Controversy P2P focus on seven core issues shoelaces tied to run again

P2P: shoelaces tied to run

Nie Weizhu

in commercial banks struggling in the interest rate market, financial disintermediation of the moment, the third party payment, peer-to-peer lending, financial Ali as the representative of the rapid rise of Internet financial.

so-called all loans, commonly known as P2P, the principle originated in the United kingdom. Today is based on the original model, make full use of Internet technology, the financial needs of the people in the hands of spare cash, loans to people who need money through the network, people can guarantee the repayment of the credit. The last two years, China’s P2P industry showed explosive growth, there should be a letter, all loans, a large number of loans to help focus on the emerging industries of the P2P industry.

regardless of whether the bank is willing to, P2P, third party payment and other formats have begun to penetrate into the traditional financial services. At the same time, the entire industry is in the early stages of the explosion, rational and objective discussion is necessary and necessary, the following series of problems urgently need the academic circles, the industry gives the answer.

how to P2P industry qualitative? The further development of the P2P industry which is facing the system and mechanism problems? Furthermore, how to evaluate the emergence of various emerging financial formats based on Internet, Internet banking will impact on the traditional financial formats and so on.

January 20th, the "first financial daily, first financial institute of financial research center and peer-to-peer lending business consultants (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly initiated and organized the" first financial peer-to-peer lending 2013 annual forum ", discuss how to lay the foundation of the P2P industry and the entire Internet financial outlook.


forum, the host invited peer-to-peer lending Institute, founding partner Yang Yifu, Central University of Finance and Economics financial law research Huang Zhen, founder of Yin Fei loan to help the number of guests, were conducted two rounds of roundtable discussion on innovation and practice of P2P industry regulation and sustainable development, Internet financial.

P2P industry standard and sustainable development


first financial research institute director of the new financial research center Bo Liang


professor of Central University of Finance and Economics, director of the Institute of financial law Huang Zhen

everyone loan founding partner Yang Yifu

China investment Company limited by guarantee

information technology and e-commerce center head Wu Zhigang

Loan Help founder, CEO Yin Fei

"for the P2P industry, innovation is the premise of not touching the red line, i.e. without deposit taking, lending, fictitious transactions, industry organizations should go to strictly abide by the bottom line."

host: in the past one or two years, the P2P industry has sprung up like a lot of companies, but at the same time, row >

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