This week, the media and PR industry upheaval enough to load history

last week was the second week of April 2015, seemingly calm, but under the waves of calm, the Chinese media and public relations industry in this week has changed enough to load history.

at this moment as a starter for more than 16 years of media people, hitherto unknown thoughts of ups and downs, can not help but think again Mr. Huang Renyu wrote "Wanli fifteen years". It was in 1587, this year, a lot of things, these things, the surface looks like the end of the bar, but in essence it is the crux of the event occurred before, but also the opportunity to set off waves in the future. The relationship between causes and effects, just as the focus of history.

news before we first review, April 4th is an article I wrote "Sina officially canceled the post editor in chief media don’t need editor?", this article analyzes the reasons behind I cancelled by Sina post editor. At that time, I felt faint, the next week, the media industry will have a small but unlikely to follow the impact of hundreds of millions of dollars more than the acquisition of those media events.

specifically, this week following the 4 news worthy of our attention:

In April 8th,

NetEase announced the appointment of Li Li for the NetEase media group (i.e. NetEase portal) CEO, reporting to the NetEase NetEase group CEO Ding Lei, vice president and editor in chief Chen Feng, general manager of marketing department portal Ang Lee report to the work of Li li. In 2012, Ms. Li Li was promoted to vice president of NetEase, the NetEase is responsible for the sales, operation, portal automotive division and property management division. During this period, the sales performance of NetEase portal even high innovation, and cultivate a large number of important managers and business backbone.

April 10th BlueFocus announced a strategic partnership with Baidu mobile phone, a taxi drops, today’s headlines and super APP, realize resources docking, will launch China’s first traffic and specifically for brand advertisers based on mobile intelligent advertising platform, intelligent and visualization to help brand advertisers to achieve mobile advertising.

April 10th at 2:30 in the afternoon, I received a Sina micro-blog phone: Hello, what is your micro-blog account Ding Taos operator


me: it’s me!

micro-blog Sina: Ding teacher is so, Sina micro-blog since the media opened a single function, we will push some of the customer advertising, put into the division of micro-blog, to pay you, you are interested in cooperation?

I (before my Baidu hundreds of today’s headlines and other columns are opened at the bottom of advertising, for this can make money without doing anything thing, I certainly agree): Yes, that is the bottom of the advertising display advertising cooperation


micro-blog Sina: no no no, it is our customer soft Wen, need to directly in your micro-blog from the media, in the form of normal content to publish, this you can accept it?

I: Oh, soft Wen ah, this is probably a piece of how much money?


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