ChinaNetCenter said louzui crisis public relations the annual report did not dress up because of poo

ChinaNetCenter crisis louzui said, executives made only because of "poor fiscal report listing did not dress up" to complete the listing will greatly raise, not whitewash report annual poor performance reason. Recently, ChinaNetCenter executives will decline in the performance of the company to make a response to the media, but the "insider" mouth "broke".

previously, the company’s annual report of the disclosure of net technology show that the fourth quarter of last year, the main loss of $1 million 590 thousand, the main net profit fell by 4.79%. A report from the uproar. Completion of the listing less than three months, the company’s performance will decline sharply. This makes many people doubt the profitability of the company.

executives in accordance with the previous weekend’s statement, after the completion of the listing of senior executives have achieved substantial growth. Liu Chengyan, chairman and former president of the annual salary of 160 thousand yuan from the previous increase to $326 thousand, the annual salary of the total amount of 12 executives were $1 million 345 thousand and 800, and after the listing of this figure becomes $2 million 383 thousand and 600.

network technology IPO this summer to raise funds 513 million yuan, of which the amount raised over $270 million. After the completion of the listing, the funds raised has not yet been put into use. The company’s annual report shows that only 115 million yuan raised funds to be invested into the project. In the listing and financing has not yet seen results, the company’s performance decline in the case, the company executives have their own pockets full. Chairman of the board and President of the annual salary has doubled, the total annual salary of 12 executives increased by 77.11%. The current corporate net profit growth of only 4.78%, where can double the annual salary of


more surprisingly, ChinaNetCenter executives declined innocence, for their performance through the media, he said: "if ChinaNetCenter wise, to raise funds to change, early into the project, make a beautiful statement, it’s too easy. But we didn’t do it." As everyone knows, the public disclosure of the real operating conditions of listed companies is the duty of the executive, in the mouth, on the basis of the facts of the disclosure of the performance has become the annual report "the reason of poor".

in addition, the performance of the company executives will rise in the fourth quarter of last year was "attributed to face of the fixed asset investment, research and development costs, staff salaries and other expenses total. However, read the company’s calendar report revealed that the third quarter of 2009, the company achieved operating income of $80 million 512 thousand, while the fourth quarter revenue will shrink to $65 million 150 thousand and 400, a decline of about 20%. Thus, the company in the fourth quarter of last year, the decline is an indisputable fact.

it is worth noting that the company disclosed in the annual report of the day was magically sealed up circuit breakers, and now the stock price significantly weak. As of March 29th closing, the company’s share price has dropped to 37.88 yuan, the lowest had explored to $37.01.

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