Thousands of war who is Tencent nemesis The contention between our real work


does not believe the king Xing, cottage Groupon, number of the U.S. group, led to the grassroots competition cottage cottage buy tide. This is a thousand regiments.

Tencent Empire, Ma Huateng the great, the Internet industry "tyranny", also joined the melee, zhuluzhongyuan. Hate to tooth itch of the underlying Internet grassroots hate not aspirations hunger meal of penguin meat, thirsty to drink the blood of Tencent. As a result, the computer world a shocking article should be: "his damn Tencent".

The winner is

thousand group war,? Look, empire is as powerful as Tencent, impeccable, as invincible. Do you not live? Please don’t forget: military and political leaders of Ning will


first, we need to understand the nature of the battlefield, which is the essence of the buy mode. On the appearance of the Groupon model, there are the following main features:

· ultra low price: often the market price of 1, 80 percent off, even lower than the cost price.

· mail promotion as the main means.

· goods to regionalization, service products, such as catering, entertainment, health care, etc..

· charge mode for commission in accordance with the number of sales commission.

two, thus, we can sum up the following features:

1, buy, belong to the early community e-commerce model.

2, group purchase is a kind of viral marketing mode, a super low virus source, message and transmission of the circle of acquaintances based on viral channels.

3, buy is not promotion, business is not selling goods in this way, but through this way to spread the brand – brother is not selling goods advertising".

4, the main sales of low-cost low-cost service products or services, with local characteristics. Therefore, the need to carry out the sale of local sales team.

5, the main group of customers to buy the industry more and more complex, do not have the possibility of becoming a profitable industry. That is, to make money is not easy to buy.

6, the purpose of the site to buy is to do two: gathering users or make money. May, the former is more reliable.

three, according to the above analysis, we can dissect Tencent, look at the spear and shield Tencent:

1, Tencent’s biggest advantage is the high viscosity, huge, highly active customer groups. Therefore, the average number of users and the average number of entrepreneurial web site is expected to look forward to Tencent. Tencent is not looking forward to the number of customers, is not a small profit, Tencent is looking forward to a lot of money. A lot of money needs to be more viral more crazy spread. For example, a piece of money to buy a BMW this.

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