The first gold award ended WOM high growth companies won awards

in the first "China Internet development and Investment Forum and international awards, interactive word-of-mouth (IWOM) with the network marketing model and the growth rate of its own, won the 2009 annual" Gold Award "list of the" network marketing investment in high growth enterprises".


word of mouth interaction (IWOM) on behalf of the site award

organizers think, in China, no one can avoid the internet word-of-mouth marketing, word-of-mouth marketing field of supernormal development speed, leading the rise of social marketing, network marketing brings new ways; interactive word-of-mouth (IWOM) is growing up enterprises in such an environment, interactive way to 2 way the new Internet industry people, imperceptibly help clients achieve brand network marketing.

currently their clients include Wuliangye, China Ping, nine dragons, Alibaba, Biguiyuan, a number of listed companies, and Internet marketing services for, guirenniao, Baiyun Mountain and other brands. At the same time, word of mouth interaction for the Beijing Olympic Games security, World Expo provides a network of services, such as World Expo and other countries to provide a major event of professional monitoring report.

interactive word-of-mouth (IWOM) planning director Wang Zhiguang said that the interactive word-of-mouth as the earliest professional engaged in network marketing based on Internet, integrated communication, enterprise network reputation management professional reputation for the characteristics of services, has grown to more than 140 people, to fully appreciate the domestic internet word-of-mouth marketing field and huge market development potential.

interactive word-of-mouth (IWOM) CEO Yang Fei proposed "to become public opinion in Internet security, internet word-of-mouth building excellent enterprise the most authoritative and most powerful resource partners", which is fundamental to the industry recognized reputation interactive mode. Current word of mouth interaction (IWOM) has been a member of China 4A Association, the United States WOMMA (word-of-mouth marketing) association members. Services at home and abroad more than 50 listed companies and outstanding enterprises.

The first "

China Internet development and Investment Forum and Gold Award" by the Network Marketing Committee Chinese Internet Association (IMCC) sponsored by the "Gold Award" and the organizing committee will host China entrepreneurial elite. "Gold Award" is IMCC for the new mode and method of network marketing, promotion and popularization of new technology, combined with the Internet industry experts and three party data agencies, units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Chinese Internet marketing for the award honoring, this is the first.

"Gold Award" began in accordance with high standard, fine mode of operation from the establishment of 2009 gold award set "network marketing of high growth enterprises", "the most marketing value of 3G enterprise", "network media integrated marketing innovation award" and "the most market potential for the development of the network game", "the annual most investment the value of electronic commerce website" and other 5 major categories of 1>

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