A person from the media thinking do the media for what

from the media for what? Famous? Make money? Interest? In fact, no matter what to do, everyone’s purpose is not the same. And different purposes, resulting in each from the media have different results. Today, Shao Lianhu also tell you what I do from the media for



to today, I have done a year and 10 months from the media, it can be said that I do the purpose of the media are constantly changing. From the initial interest, to make money, to get to know the network, if you are interested, I slowly tell you to listen to……

may have some friends to understand my experience, I was learning SEO blog. At the beginning of 2013, I studied with a teacher for more than half a month of SEO, when the teacher asked me to write a blog to sum up the experience of learning SEO.

to tell you the truth, although I’ve love to write a diary, but to write original articles are really hard to write their own, also do not know what to write, what to write what you want to. Now think about the time to write the article, is really too rubbish, what do not understand. However, the longer the time to write a lot of experience.

one, because of interest and made from the media

wrote a few months of blog in order to practice my SEO technology, however, when the blog was K, and re established a new blog. At that time, the media since the fire, the Bo Lou song song became the leader of the media from the blogosphere, tens of thousands of media blog appeared.

if you asked me what I was doing from the media, I would not hesitate to tell you that I was interested in. If it wasn’t for my interest, I wouldn’t be able to last 10 months a year. Yes, I admit that at the same time also want to be able to be as famous as loose brother, make money, but, I still do it because of interest from the media.

at that time to do a lot of people from the media blog, most of them because of the success of the song to see the pine, like pine brother as well-known, earn big money. However, a year and a half of the past 10 months, and now there are a few people? Why do not we insist on? Not because they do not make money?

actually, everyone from the media’s ultimate goal is the same, are hoping to make money from the media. However, everyone’s starting point is different. I believe that the media can adhere to today because of the likes of writing and adhere to today. Without interest, what’s the point of sticking to


two, since the media is to make money

if I am interested in doing from the media, but the interest can not be eaten. I did a year and 3 months from the media, wrote a year, three months of the original article, adhere to the lowest one day, or even several. Pay so much but do not make money how to do?

so, from then on, I will try my best to make money from the media. However, at that time, the advertising

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