Website promotion new model – blog promotion

The new pattern of website promotion blog promotion with the rapid development of Internet, the website promotion methods more and more attention by the webmaster, blog promotion as a branch, is the effective means of recommended website promotion now. However, the blog promotion is what? In addition to the site owners some savvy or fashion, most owners simply do not know that there is such thing as "blog promotion". However, in today’s China, the promotion of the Internet has become a new form of marketing, a rapid development of the media industry. 2006, the Internet advertising revenue has been 5% of the total advertising market share, blog promotion is in the network to promote its unique charm to show a strong potential for development.       blog promotion definition       what is blog promotion? This concept is the same as the promotion of the Internet, and there is no clear definition, in general, the main body of the network promotion is the enterprise or individual. A simple explanation is how to achieve a certain business or personal blog promotion purposes. Of course, to truly understand the blog promotion, it is necessary to understand the basic characteristics of blog communication. The blog is expression and communication, with the individual as the center so that its basic characteristics can be described by several key words: individual performance, the audience of small, full of knowledge content, divergent with high efficiency in the communication process. Say some image, analogy the traditional marketing way, so we can use performance magazine spread all the points, has the opinion leader of sexual orientation, mouth spread and viral marketing ability to summarize. Sina editor in chief Chen Tong had commented on the spread of the blog, he said: the blog to facilitate the establishment of a communication channel, so that the transfer of the corresponding information has reached an unprecedented high efficiency." Chen Tong said the "blog", "the corresponding information", in fact, refers to the interest of the same blog created by the circle of information and audience circle. And this is the most powerful blog spread. Because the blog information is more of a blog was released, so divergent many to many communication is sometimes better than "a mass of" more vitality and scalability, at the same time, but also losing the transmission path of all the points.       the meaning of blog promotion       in fact, the definition and function of blog and website, to some extent, have the same meaning. The site is different from the general blog, it covers all of the online activities, not just limited to "published articles and blog", but covering all aspects related to the website information, is a worthy of the name "one-stop" personal or enterprise portal. And each big blog site reprinted articles, make communication and communication more widely. It is for personal or business website image and product promotion advertising than inferior, the two are not contradictory, blog at a certain level but also for advertising provides a platform, but not to say with the blog will not need advertising, wide

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