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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 15th news, recently rumored news, has become a reality, yesterday evening announced 1 store founder and chairman Yu Gang, co-founder and CEO Liu Junling’s departure, is looking for a suitable successor.

Yu Gang, rumors of leaving the job is not fresh, Liu Junling. At the end of last year to now, CTO Han Jun, vice president of Cheng Junyi market, many veteran entrepreneurs have left, about Yu Gang, Liu Junling left the news is widely spread in a variety of social media platforms. At that time, the news, shop 1, responsible person in an interview with reporters, said the rumor is pure. It said that Han Jun and Cheng Junyi’s departure is not because of the company.

market has also been rumored that after being safe and WAL-MART shares, founder and CEO Liu Junling just lost control of store 1. After dilution of equity, the 1 store management and its employees account for only 11.8% of the shares, just from the founder, became a professional manager". Statistics show that in March 2008, founded the No. 1 store in just Ping and Liu Junling, 2010 to 80 million yuan price to win the 1st shop 80% stake to WAL-MART in 2012 to shop 1, increase investment, shareholding increased to about 51%, as the largest shareholder.

that is, the top 4 shareholders are currently WAL-MART Shop No. 1, Ping An and just in person and Liu Junling. With just left and Liu Junling, the store’s 1 stake in the structure may change, WAL-MART electricity supplier business is also suspected of integration with the store No. 1.

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Shop No. 1 and WAL-MART is currently in the layout of the domestic electricity supplier cooperation, but WAL-MART recently seems to have to go it alone. In May this year, WAL-MART launched a shopping O2O service platform "Sugoo", not only that, interestingly, WAL-MART’s president and chief executive officer Dong Minglun had confessed, "as time past, shop No. 1 business model will continue to change."

in January this year, the number 1 store disclosure, as of the end of 2014, 1 shop online sales of goods more than 8 million, with a registered user close to 90 million mobile registered users of more than 36 million orders accounted for more than 40%. Contrast Ali, Jingdong, 1 store commodity richness is far better than Taobao, Tmall, in addition to the category is not only less than the Jingdong, there is no WeChat, hand Q mobile traffic entrance two.

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, after the departure of No. 1 stores in the future how to walk? Business expert Lu Zhenwang said, with ALI and Jingdong competition, positioning Shop No. 1 or a difference advantage, because it is a kind of online supermarket model. "But the key is, WAL-MART control number 1 shop, it in the end want to do? WAL-MART’s strategy is always changing."

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