The rules of network promotion user

the most important thing is to get the favor of visitors, bringing traffic also bring transactions. In order to rank the webmaster will nurture the chain, so for the webmaster of the user, it is necessary to use twelve points to raise the heart. User service should be raised to a very high position, improve the quality of service, the site can be more people can be recognized and accepted. The quality of service of a web site includes the following aspects:

user experience

visitors to your site, the first time there will be what kind of experience, the content is new enough eye, whether the link is smooth, the level of each forum is clear, there is no spam interference. Xiaobian that the site is now overwhelming, so many visitors every day browsing station, allowing users to browse may have gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory depth and the return rate of your station. Therefore, the site must have a point to seize the user’s eyes. The webmaster to look at their website visitors to view, your site will let visitors impressed Xiao Bian gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory? Often mention details, details for the webmaster because it is too important. From a website collocation of color is consistent with the human visual habits, to the description of the text is simple and novel in place, the title of the set is appropriate, is must be considered, this is the intention of the user service.

user activity

is now a greater sense of the site is a leisure community, people have been used to communicate or participate in some activities on the site. Activity is reflected in improving user participation and interaction on the site, to provide some free services will be very easy to get attention from Chinese netizens. Interactive platform can be blog, BBS, webmaster can also carry out some interesting party games, new things interesting ranking, can make the communication between users, and can also speak freely entertainment. Through your website platform to strengthen between user stickiness, development on your web site, it is self-evident, more importantly, webmaster can through the user feedback to discover a problem, timely grasp the user’s real experience. With the interactive space and platform, your site will be angry and energetic, users will feel good visit.

user conversion rate

can say that the steps in front of this step is to pave the way for the user to visit your site is not your ultimate goal, the most important thing is that visitors to your buyers and you have to reach a deal. Your traffic is high, if not converted into transactions are meaningless. To enhance the user conversion rate, in the early stage of the site to the optimization process, must take full account of this problem, the target customers to segment out your website content according to the different needs of customers and make the leading articles be arranged. In addition, some of the previous release of the case, the other people’s feedback to write up, bring the user a psychological guidance, but also the construction of an effective method of customer psychological trust.

more than three points of interdependence and mutual influence, can not be independent out, is to bring up your users essential factors and steps. Webmaster, can’t >

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