WeChat marketing case 15 thousand friends traded 2764 single soil eggs

has more than two years did not write the article, has been doing some online projects. Has been in the middle of some small and medium enterprises, shops do WeChat marketing. Is really no time today to share one of the most down to earth case! PS: now too much WeChat marketing case, there are some of the root is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, this case is suitable for any medium and small and micro enterprises, including personal operation.

last year, a friend introduced me to the city we do business owners to soil egg I know (soil egg is soil egg, really go to other provinces in rural areas for the boss from door to door), give me roughly about his business on the phone, now facing these problems: shortage of funds and lots of good, the line to do a lot of advertising, Internet advertising is not much to do, but have to achieve relatively good results. Now I want to try the mobile Internet, see if you can let us team to help out the ideas.

such a situation, I think our team is no way. I said: since it took so much energy, it can not bring benefits, why do not you turn off the shop to do other industries?

he said I have a group of old customers, these customers every month there is a fixed amount of purchase, although do not make money, but the normal operation of this batch of customers can still keep the store, and the soil egg supply channels construction is not easy, he didn’t want to give up. I’ll find a way out of here, or I really don’t want to take this single business. Ha ha!

project analysis:

Since the

product supply channel construction is not easy, but also very humble, so we can preliminary judgment of the industry is absolutely not what unpopular industry, competition, niche market, so to find these niche customers is the primary task. At the same time, this product may easily form a repeat purchase. Because now all of the profits of the store from these old customers.

WeChat marketing early market research:

so after I received this business, I decided to choose the promotion of marketing for WeChat, and then I went to visit the market and egg sales of some of the relevant staff, line survey. We passed a month of market research. We have the following information:

1 currently on the market there is little real soil eggs. To feed eggs, eggs, eggs, as more of the soil eggs.

2 at present, the sale of eggs to the customer’s main line is mainly for some small grocery stores, these real eggs were piled up in the soil next to the eggs, often consumers are not so assured. Worried about whether the eggs have expired, or is not a real egg, etc..

3 the general needs of the user groups of soil eggs are: pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly, there are a number of places more emphasis on the health of middle-aged people. Because they basically achieve wealth stability, so they pay great attention to their physical health and health.

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