Feifei when the work was delayed for 1 hours to become a network marketing


we do SEO, engage in network optimization marketing is basically a night owl, stay up to 1, 2 point that is quite normal. If you can hear such a message: "tomorrow to work an hour later," heaven, earth, this is a great gift!

Of course, many people think that

fly I was in YY, in fact, in the last year during the world cup 361 launched "to work off an hour" psychological marketing, but also for Internet users of Internet marketing.

this is Feifei today want to say a network marketing case: when the work was delayed for 1 hours to become the network marketing


2010 World Cup in South Africa, four years, the world’s attention.

is a rare opportunity, has attracted many businesses the fist, hope to get the maximum benefit in this world cup. We all know the general sponsor the world cup is the international well-known brands, like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Adidas and VISA are frequent in the world cup, but the cost is also the top – level relative to the world cup in South Africa "FIFA partners" and two "FIFA World Cup sponsor fee, only is the third class" state sponsors "fees are not cheap. During the world cup, Sina, micro-blog, a company’s work during the world cup postponed 1 hours notice to enter the top ten. This is the essence of performance in the modest marketing occasion 361.

May 12, 2010 – May 30th, 361 degrees on behalf of fans a voice, the concept of "exit hour party", say the fans hope to work 1 hours later, do not want to stay up to see the black rim of the eye of "Panda" desire. The behavior of the groups immediately fans to get strong support.

after Feifei found a lot of carefully sorted, how to do the work of 361 degrees an hour later "network marketing behavior:

1, released on the Internet on the hour party interactive voting topic to attract the attention of Internet users.

2, at the end of the world, in-depth cooperation mop.com two influential community platform, released "crazy hours party, only for the world cup this post.

3, SNS site detonated climax. 361 main position in renren.com, other media supplements.

4, fans can join the work to put off an hour of virtual parade, to the boss to send a message, with the boss to apply for the world cup during the work to postpone the work of the system for 1 hours.

just more than and 20 days, nearly 150 thousand of the fans sent such a message, and many companies respond positively, such as delayed work for 1 hours. (feather brother company did not delayed 1 hours, but during the world cup and every employee can receive a bottle of beverage Red Bull every day, watching the world cup ^_^ energy supplement)


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