Pornographic websites offer more than 40 thousand yuan profit

      the 25 year old man suspected of spreading obscene articles, yesterday approved the arrest – Police reminder: once found illegal websites through the website or alarm alarm calls  

        review: the 25 year old Liu Fenghe has been in a state of unemployment, just graduated from junior high school education. But in more than two years, he built his website to earn more than 40 thousand yuan. Although young people should be encouraged to start their own businesses, but he was the site of the construction of a truly pornographic website. Yesterday, Nanning Jiangnan District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of suspected of spreading pornographic material profit Liu Fenghe. Nanning police remind the public, once found illegal websites, can be reported by the alarm site or alarm call.

        22 years old to open a pornographic website

        October 2004, by virtue of their wallowing in the network world, years of experience, who lives in Sha Tin Liu Fenghe set his sights on porn sites, think this is a simple and easy way to make money.

        at that time, a website called "99 porn forum" is developing rapidly in China, and it has been hit by more than 400 million times a year. Subsequently, Liu Fenghe through the network to get to know the site owners, that the site’s servers in the United States, a higher safety factor. Soon, Liu Fenghe set up a website called Lele entertainment network, while the site rent on the 99 porn Forum on the U.S. server.

        Liu Fenghe established entertainment network, not only can see the adult pornographic pictures, television and children pornographic pictures and movies, also provides children pornographic pictures and video downloads to VIP member. After the establishment of the site, Liu Fenghe daily work is to stay at home, through the computer regularly on the site for remote login maintenance.

        23 years old do porn network tasted the sweetness of

        by the end of 2004, "99 porn forum" frequent activities caused by the attention of the Ministry of public security. Under the guidance and coordination of the Ministry of public security, Anhui province public security organs on January 2005 arrested 12 suspects involved in the incident, the destruction of the pornographic websites in the territory of the organization system, so that the site was forced to close its own.

        "99 porn forum" case is China’s first major pornographic websites, then the national public security organs to continue to strengthen the special crackdown on pornographic websites. But the Liu Feng merger did not pay close attention, but in October 2005

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