The root of product survival core function

in the traditional concept, it is generally believed that the more functions, the wider the use of the product, the ability to naturally stronger.

in fact, I’ll give you an example: we usually go to the supermarket or shopping in Taobao, always think I bought this will be useful to buy that will be useful, but when you buy a home, really can use is not much. Passerby: "what bird example, I come to a more image. You go to the supermarket to buy toilet paper, see two types, one is the rough surface, a sliding surface is. When you buy a home, will certainly put the rough surface of the toilet, the sitting room slip. Or when you wipe your mouth with a rough surface, wipe the surface with? Or do you put two kinds of paper in the toilet, turn for a clean? Of course there is a slip you only buy."



so now the new idea is: the product should pay attention to depth, rather than breadth. We should do one thing first and then do something else.

a product should not be in the depth of a function, to develop another function, so that users can not only complete the core tasks, but also to distract their attention. There will be a lot of pressure on the product team. Look at an example: you should have seen Stephen Chow’s "domestic Ling Ling",



don’t know everyone on this map does not have the impression, the woman (Anita Yuen) took the gun to kill the man (Stephen Chow), and because the structure of this gun is unique (can not explain, I believe you have seen), she not only did not complete the task, but also hurt yourself.

What does this mean for

, though it’s a bit of a logic error, like the gun that belonged to a man?. But for the user, to get a product, because the function of more than the impact of the core functions of the product he uses, which is the product failure, do not lose direction in order to function. Increased functionality may reduce the satisfaction of mainstream users, resulting in damage to the long-term profitability of the product.

look again, active atmosphere:


this is the same, another function of the hair dryer is razor. There are wood is very funny, ha ha ha, anyway, I was watching a laugh.

focus on core functions

many products at the beginning of the design vision is the same – let the user to complete a task. But as the product iteration, a lot of people found that the product is not let users love, users can not go, so start to increase other functions, to increase the number of users, in fact, this time most people who are in the wrong.

send you a word: increase the value of the product began to improve the core experience of the product.

compared with the new features, users will pay more attention to basic skills

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