Alipay released the 2016 national bill 80 per capita online payment 120 thousand


technology news January 4th afternoon, the ant payment service’s Alipay today announced the 2016 Chinese referendum bill.

According to data released by Alipay

, now has 450 million users real name. The number of payment over the past year, 71% in the mobile terminal; Chinese millennials 80, 90 has become the main force of economic Chinese, such as 80 per capita payment amount has exceeded 120 thousand yuan, 90 mobile payments amounted to 91%.

70% payment occurs in the mobile terminal


2016 Universal Bill shows that the current mobile payment number accounted for the overall proportion is as high as 71%, last year the figure was 65%.

from the total amount of annual payment in the provincial level, Guangdong ranked first, accounting for 16% of the country, followed by Zhejiang, Jiangsu. From the per capita payment amount, payment amount per capita in Shanghai reached 148 thousand yuan, is nearly 1.5 times last year, followed by Zhejiang, Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu, the per capita amount of payment of the five coastal provinces and municipalities have entered the "100 thousand" era, in the last year, only one in Shanghai reach this level.

from the point of view of mobile payment penetration, inland Tibet to 90% of mobile payment accounted for the first place, followed by Qinghai, Gansu, far more than the coastal provinces. In fact, Alipay annual billing data showed that 2016 Tibet per capita mobile phone recharge 16.7 times, far higher than other regions.

mobile payment is not only reflected in the consumer, but also become a means of emotional contact, such as red envelopes between relatives and friends. In 2016, the red envelopes on the list, Guangdong Shantou people’s bold, second is in 2015 to win the Fujian people in Zhangzhou, followed by Fujian in Putian, the top three city per capita red gold amount more than 5000 yuan.

is no longer just a capital account

with multiple behavioral data, more and more users begin to accumulate credit on the Internet, and mobile Internet plus consumer credit, allowing users to feel the value of credit. In 2016, the use of flower chanting payment of more than 3 billion 200 million pen, an increase of 344%. At present, by chanting the cumulative service users more than 12 million people, total loans of more than 300 billion yuan.

in expanding the scale of consumption at the same time, users are increasingly concerned about the world around. In August this year, Alipay launched the "carbon account" in the App, through the "ant forest" users can see their behavior in the end how much to reduce carbon emissions, and by continuously reducing carbon emissions to a certain value, there is a real tree charity partner of cooperation with Alipay under a tree. Up to now, the ant forest every day to produce 1000 tons of low carbon emissions, cooperative public welfare organizations have planted a true tree of 520 thousand. In this green financial low-carbon environmental rankings, Anhui people planting trees up to 73000, followed by Zhejiang and Jiangxi province.


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