WeChat published the article to read the amount of Taobao then develop new business

recently, WeChat began to publish the number of public reading numbers, which indirectly stimulate a new business. Reporters found in Taobao, there are online sales brush WeChat read the amount of software, after the purchase of their own sitting at home will be able to brush the amount of reading, I would like to brush the number of direct input numbers can be, and there is no limit.

recently, a lot of articles from the media below the emergence of a "reading number" reminder, the brackets show the number of reading the article. At the same time, in the end of the article appeared a thumbs up small palm, people can click on the logo to the article said "praise".

WeChat this small feature improvements, the most influential is from the media. Brush powder, packaging, advertising, which is set in the micro-blog era had practiced routine, some from the media to play on the WeChat platform fengshengshuiqi. In the past, some from the media rely on the number of fans talking, reading their articles are known as Wanshushiwan, how much influence, to take to the enterprise marketing, while WeChat will read the amount of data transparency, squeezed past WeChat large water. The reporter found in WeChat, the amount of reading a lot of WeChat large only a few thousand, some even in hovering below 100, so many boasting its own tens of thousands of articles reading some prodding from the media instantly.

however, independent Internet analyst Xin Haiguang believes WeChat there are a few drawbacks announcement read: read the release number is displayed, the biggest beneficiaries will be a large number of grass-roots, such as scripts, joke this account, because they loved the content and accumulation of a large number of fans, often tens of thousands of reading to do a testimony of its commercial value. The original class is bearish, vertical industry segments from the media class, the original is low yield, subdivision, narrow vertical the audience, compared with the number of roots, they must not be optimistic about the results. "Last night has seen some media since the death defying brush flow was scared to read a few of his own low, this situation in the future will be more and more."

and since WeChat announced the amount of reading figures, Taobao began to have a shop to provide WeChat brush amount of reading services, brush 1000 of the reading price of $14. There are shop owners emphasize security: each of us IP independent, each cell phone independence, and 24 hours to keep online, and the same as real fans. After verification, plus 10 thousand titles have no case." However, according to the amount of reading 1000 spend 14 yuan to calculate, an article if you want to brush the amount of reading 10 thousand, basic in 100 yuan of above, if things go on like this, some want to brush the amount of reading WeChat is also not a small expenditure. The reporter found that Taobao also has a shop selling a WeChat claims to be able to brush flow software, the owner claimed that the amount of reading using the software of the brush, only need to enter the number want to brush on it, and no amount of reading limit.

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