Domain name domain name hijacking thief tens of thousands of traffic Ie=gb2312; ct=0

      if you pay attention to your site. You can see a lot of your site’s keyword is meters hijacked.       I site was hijacked to this person, of course, is not what the effect of access to the site is my site, but my key rivals, he also hijacked site more may be added on top of advertising. This kind of behavior to you is caused by: your station content to become someone else to make money, at least we do not want to make their own stand to be used to make money. And many of the site keywords are snatched!       he uses domain name technology to resolve to your station. Just like your station. Most traffic comes from search engines! You can check your statistics from the station. You can view this station, and you can follow the format to check your site is hijacked!!!!!!!!!!! Hereby indicate!

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