Jingdong’s delivery UAV completed its maiden show after you may receive express from heaven

the morning of June 8th 9 in Jiangsu, Suqian City, Cao Ji Xiang an Cun in the same neighborhood, a three axis UAV took off slowly, after ten minutes, 5 kilometers outside the Gate Village neighborhood, the promotion of the local Jingdong to receive the parcel, the UAV delivery completed first single. Jingdong side said that the UAV officially put into operation of rural logistics pilot.

Jingdong in Suqian showed three drones, weight from 10 kg to 15 kg range, according to the established route planning self-help flight, with automatic loading and unloading function; UAV flight distance of about 5 km to 10 km, delivered the goods according to the command automatic return.

is responsible for the UAV research Jingdong X division is responsible for Xiao Jun said that the UAV shows are independent research and development, including long endurance, large load for rural design.

in terms of security, Xiao Jun said the UAV will be in accordance with the planned route ahead of flight. Planning route, has avoided the school, residential areas and other crowded places.

Xiao Jun said, the Jingdong has got the Suqian area 120 meters below the airspace and authorization, with the air force and the air traffic control department for approval of the fixed routes, the next year will be opened in Suqian UAV delivery site more.

for the long-term planning of the logistics UAV, Xiao Jun said that the goal of Jingdong is to solve the rural logistics needs within 45 kilometers. Future UAVs will be mainly used in the central and Southern Hills and mountains. These delivery Drones will fly between rural distribution stations, replacing farm delivery vehicles and personnel.

from the beginning of 2014, the country’s major electricity providers have begun to sink channels, the layout of the countryside, but the last mile of the courier problem is always difficult to solve. Because the order is fragmented, difficult distribution, including Jingdong, including electronic business platform are facing cost pressures. Fast delivery of logistics as the core advantage of Jingdong, in rural electricity providers, compared with ALI and no advantage.

UAV delivery is seen as a breakthrough in the continuation of the advantages of Jingdong bottleneck exploration. Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) in April has revealed that Jingdong has set up a special project team, research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots. At the end of May China big data Expo, Jingdong delivery UAV also extravaganza. Xiao Jun said that at present, 5 times the cost of delivery in rural areas of the city, while the UAV can solve the problem of cost. According to the current test, under normal circumstances, Jingdong UAV 10 kilometers, the cost is less than 1 degrees electricity, which is less than 5 cents, but also faster than car distribution.

in fact, idea of UAV delivery has been put forward for a long time, Amason has been testing its logistics UAV, but not yet put into use. Xiao Jun believes that Amazon is exploring mainly to the general consumer goods, which belongs to the TO C mode, thus facing regulatory and security issues, and the Jingdong do the distribution station between the transmission of the goods, will be easier to implement than amazon.

at the same time, Xiao Jun believes that Jingdong has 260 thousand rural electricity supplier promotion >

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