Adsense network broadcast Nora’s death Baidu video to promote, Tencent Report

1 fast shouting "innocence" 260 million fine let hearing exploded  

following the National Copyright Administration Nora Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NORA) 250 thousand yuan after the piracy punishment, the Shenzhen municipal government also eyeing Nora, intends to impose a penalty of $260 million.

yesterday (June 17th) afternoon, about Nora’s penalty held hearings in the market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality, set the scene in addition to hearing the case investigators and Nora, but also invited the infringing party Tencent, LETV and etc..

in March 18th this year, the Shenzhen market supervision and administration of the inspection team official Nora violations of criminal investigation, and issued "administrative penalty hearing this book" on May 20th, 3 days later in this book, Nora put forward the request for hearing.

2 CCTV exposure dangerous WiFi wireless internet storage huge security risks  

yesterday, CCTV consumer advocate reported that people’s daily use of wireless networks there is a huge security risk. In the program, CCTV security engineers in the United Duba actual test multiple scenarios show some free WIFI hotspots in public places such as train stations, cafes there may be phishing scams, and the router at home may also be easily compromised by malicious attackers. Internet users in the knowledge of the case, it may face the sensitive personal information was stolen, the Internet as naked, access to phishing sites, will result in direct economic losses.

free WIFI fishing bait bait can account information leakage

not long ago, the media reported a woman placards to protest in front of the McDonald’s, the use of public WIFI Internet cheated 2000 yuan, even though WIFI is easy, Diuqian easier, and even with careful." Expert analysis, the reason why the woman was stolen online shopping is likely related to WIFI fishing.

3 Fang was called "mad dog" awarded "big party counseling" is not an infringement of  

reporter learned yesterday, Haidian court accepted the appeal Fang Wang Mudi (Guangdong TV host) and Beijing micro dream Techtronic Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as micro dream company) reputation infringement case, by host Wang Mudi micro-blog said Fang "mad dog", was identified infringement damages Fang spirit of solatium 10 thousand yuan, 17 thousand and 100 yuan rights fee, and make an apology to Fang Zhouzi. Last night, Wang Mudi said he would appeal.

Fang Zhouzi (formerly known as Fang Shimin) alleged that since July 14, 2013, Wang Mudi has published dozens of articles on micro-blog, abuse of himself and his wife and daughter. Fang Zhouzi believes that Wang Mudi published in micro-blog has no basis in fact, and wantonly slander insult, serious damage to his reputation, so tell them to remove the infringing micro-blog, compensation for mental solatium 400 thousand yuan, 37100 yuan rights fee. At the same time, Sina micro-blog operations

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