Adsense network broadcast paste it suspected of being sold WeChat will push the application number

review: from yesterday to today, everyone must have the circle of friends is WeChat open class PRO version of "I and the story of WeChat ‘scraper, the media reported that this incident has alerted the police, today, WeChat open class as usual, Zhang Xiaolong in his speech said, WeChat will develop" application no.".

1: Baidu Lord Tongsu hemophilia for money selling hemophilia  

January 11th morning news, recently there are users in the know posting said, Baidu will Baidu’s original Post Bar hemophilia Lord, little take it service management — Speech and rights have been banned, and the introduction of the self proclaimed "Shaanxi medical hemophilia professor Liu Shanxi" and "Friends of blood disease expert" has become the new host.


users post said, "it is a liar, hemophilia experts" had been exposed by the media, it is "money", and try to become hemophilia, the advantage of identity. Baidu official responded to the name of the user responded that: will oversee the legal behavior of hemophilia it.

this morning, claiming to be the original. Second main hemophilia "ant food" in the know almost post complained that she and the big bar "Shandong laobalu" has been banned, now it has become the main hemophilia self proclaimed "Professor" Liu Shanxi Dean of the Shaanxi Medical Research Institute experts "haemophilia hemophilia".

2 cases all! See how fast the outbreak and fall of the media so netizens play  

as a recent social hot spot, Nora case, itself carries too much, technology, law, human nature…… About Nora outbreak and rapid fall, produce trial wonderful arguments, the media, since the media views and argue for Nora case, netizens responded to Nora’s case, Nora case, had not a black-and-white discussion.

Nora event review: from creation to arrest

2007, Shenzhen, a more than and 10 square meter room, Wang Xin with a team of less than 5 people developed a fast broadcast.

2011, Nora became the first player in the domestic market share.

2012, Nora total installed capacity exceeded 300 million, when the total number of Internet users in China is about 538 million, which means that every one of the Chinese Internet users in at least one installed nora.

3 WeChat open class propaganda posts was "smearing" alerted the police network  

last night about 8:30, WeChat circle of friends is WeChat open class PRO version of "I and the story of WeChat ‘" shuabing. Some netizens said, click on the application of the link will be released to steal user account, the balance of the treasure brush. Last night, Tencent Inc statement said the remarks as rumors.

these applications by the WeChat open class PRO launch, WeChat users click on the link to get a report

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