Zhang Guanren original version of enterprise network promotion plan (E)

eleven, how to buy site ad

on the Internet how to find suitable for company website product promotion advertising? On the network advertisement, to find suitable sites to investigate two site traffic and visiting IP source, three to find the right price. For example, we find the mom in a top advertising, can enter buy advertising channels, then find the relevant classification, classification of good looking into the mechanical related websites within the page can see their website statistics information and the world rankings, according to these data, we can know about this site is not suitable for our ads.

is the last to see the price of this ad, generally based on their statistical data analysis of their price is not fair. In general, the release of Ali’s mother on the advertising are relatively cheap, but also more suitable for delivery.

buy advertising can also be divided into two ways when the package and click.

package is in a certain period of time to buy the right placement of advertising. The package is divided into monthly and weekly. Click on the billing is calculated according to the IP click. GOOGLE Adwords is to click on the billing mode of advertising placement.

twelve, the establishment of their own industry website

many companies in addition to the purchase of online advertising and other promotional methods, but also to take a more special way to promote the company and products. This is the way to establish the company’s industry website. For example, hardware companies will build hardware industry network, so that the machinery of the enterprise will establish a mechanical industry network.

to build such a site to prepare a lot of things, relatively high cost.

must first have a large web site can operate independently of the server, but also to do large-scale promotional activities in order to achieve the purpose of establishing brand benefits in the industry. The cost is high.

this input and income naturally can form a contrast. To do the benefits of an industry website is to promote the industry to go out after the site, the flow of large, the site’s most gold advertising position can put their own website. And can quickly in the same industry all companies to achieve the effect of brand shaping!

when the site is bigger and bigger, you can operate independently to get benefits.

general industry website investment are relatively large, less than tens of thousands of pieces, hundreds of thousands or even millions. This is closely related to the industry’s popularity and the value of the product.

if you really want to operate the industry website, you can do a market survey in a small range. Through the analysis of the data obtained from the market prospects, to determine whether or not investment.

related industry Web site can be found on the search engine.

thirteen, summary

through the above a series of optimized promotion behavior, the website will be

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