do a few points to promote the industry station

here to most of the webmaster, I think we all know that it is not difficult to do a website, it is difficult to promote the site. I have to talk about my experience of website promotion today.

first take the industry station, I think the promotion can be carried out from the following three aspects:

a. Mass mail. This method is already someone doing it at the beginning, the effect is obvious, but now because we are bombarded many users have formed immunity, has no effect before the substantial. But I think that in our brains, or can be used as the. We can first analyze why people now no longer click on the URL of the e-mail I think this is mainly because we did not choose the 1 target customers. 2 we do not give the target customers to provide useful things for them. First of all we should first select our potential customers, such as someone is a log network, then we can go to the wood sites for our potential customers by e-mail address, then put him down as a collector for collection, sending e-mail address. The second step we need to edit the useful information to potential customers, the industry website we can extract the quotes from the site or supply and demand information as the content of the message, sent to potential customers. Hair may not be able to get a very good effect, then we can insist on hair, every day to send them the price quotes. For a long time, they will naturally find the value of our website, thus changing the natural flow of the site.

two QQ group sending messages or want. Here is a little trick, because a lot of people often send URL, and kicked out by the administrator. Encounter this kind of thing I think we are very depressed, in fact, we can first get the administrator to use the site’s advertising or other concessions as an exchange. With the administrator’s acquiescence, we can go to send a message, ha ha. We can even ask the administrator for help.

three. Do links. Links are necessary, and now the SEO is very important to the chain. The beginning of the new site is difficult to find high-quality links. We can spend money to buy more expensive than PR5, but the price of PR4 is relatively low, less than 10 dollars. Find 10 stations, a total of 300 yuan to spend money. Buy it for three months, then we certainly have a PR of 4, so that we can find them to discuss, we will no longer pay the cost of the link to the friendship, the 8-9 has 10 owners will agree. At this time we will have some of the income of the site, we can invest more, spend more money to buy a few more than PR5 link, three months later we will certainly be on a new level.

do these three at the same time, we are supplemented by the forum post, Baidu know, answer questions and other methods to answer questions, I believe our website traffic will soon surge.

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