Voice of the people and other 107 illegal websites were shut down according to law

Beijing News reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, is being carried out nationwide standardization of Internet news information and communication order special action to achieve substantive results, since May 9th, the state Internet Information Office in conjunction with the relevant departments have been shut down in accordance with the law of "people’s internal network", "Chinese people network", "democracy and legal supervision network 107 illegal website.

according to the national Internet Information Office official responsible for the illegal website was recently closed, were not legally obtained the qualification of Internet news information services, most not according to the law of the Internet information service qualification registration or false label record information, they name network media, the so-called "interview"; the establishment of "reporter Station", local channel; a large number of issued false information; fraudulent use of news agency on behalf of the manuscript, copyright cooperation, advertising and other services, the implementation of fraud.

National Internet Information Office official stressed that will resolutely crack down on illegal websites, and welcome the public to report. Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center to receive phone calls is 12377.

list of illegal websites investigated in the near future (107)

– the voice of the people network

– People’s shopping network

– China information network media network

– Weishan news network

– Ji’nan information network

multidimensional communication network

– in network media

– Chinese alliance network public opinion

– economic news network

– Chinese attention network

News – sea information aggregation network

News – train

– China media network

– 126 news

News Newsletter

– China livelihood news network

– Chinese information reported

– China media network

– Ding Wen media network

– National Development Report

– China vision news network

– People’s news agency

– I love

– 6 points at

News – line

– the summer financial network

– the international focus Chinese television

– Shanghai news network

– Chinese food news network

News – people net Liaoning channel

News – people net Shanxi channel

News – people net Guangxi channel.

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