From beauty to what to buy to see the red net as shopping fate

traffic realized, not just electricity providers, Internet Co’s topic, a lot of the media, the network red, but also racking their brains thinking.


half a month ago, Alibaba announced a high-profile 2016 year commodity trading time total (GMV) exceeded 3 trillion yuan, after as cheerful as a lark how many people noticed that behind the former 8 million Taobao sellers of tens of thousands of Taobao customers? – shopping groups around the Taobao ecosystem, also for the "Ali trillion dream" with a brick.

then "Taobao" Ali was blocked, beautiful said, as the representative of the shopping guide website Amoy in another way of living, and in the year with. At the same time PC Internet to mobile Internet, social media, video website, broadcast platform spawned a wave of red net, changes the flow structure, followed by the way of cash flow change rapidly.

2014, Teng million spent 5 billion years "embrace O2O, the dormant fifast turned out, but there is no" extraordinary". Ali is not resigned to playing second fiddle on the code Amoy, died soon, "meow Street" followed, known to the consumer scene to create full flow, all channels under the line, and its essence is the cash flow.

traffic in the electricity supplier, O2O transactions in the form of iteration, which is a shopping guide evolutionary history.

shopping guide 1: price driven, or Taobao off the world

is the earliest form of business shopping rebate, discount and price, the common point is price driven.

The first stage of the

guide started around 2006, and in 2010, when the tide swept B2C, but the mainstream game player — whether it is shopping rebate network, meters off and a Amoy, basically around Taobao ecosystem, while the entire network environment is based on PC.

In addition,

, as well as various types of website alliance composed of the so-called Taobao guest:


(pictured from the blog "wandering programmer")

Ali official to create "the concept of Taobao alliance", by Ali mother to provide "Taobao customer promotion tool, take the function of Taobao, sellers can set the rate of commission, and provide a API interface to the shopping website, Taobao eventually sellers pay per transaction effect (CPS).

but from the second half of 2013, Ali began to ban "Taobao", the external release signal: will no longer support for the Taobao station cash back shopping to members or buyers of Taobao off mode, it has been interpreted as "for its parity guide Amoy network open." In 2014, Ali is clear: since at 0:00 on July 1, 2014 onwards, Taobao customer shall provide Taobao platform product link shop link, shop name and manager > in rebate types of users within the channel

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