Why blog Why is space

is independent on the Internet, but it does not necessarily have the same form of expression, such as people have introverted and extroverted points. In the product, the same.

the same type of products, have a similar appearance, but internal differences determine if used without thinking, will directly determine the success and failure in the future.

      on the wrong road, running is useless. Some things end, the choice of the beginning of the decision.

      (two) back to the question about the name and object: why is Sina’s blog called "blog", Sohu’s blog called "blog", NetEase’s blog called "blog"? Why is Baidu’s blog called "space", QQ blog called "space", 51 of the blog called "space", MySpace blog called "space"?

      this is a very interesting problem, this problem is typical in QQ.com, the first QQ.com only launched Q Zone this product, namely QQ space, but after a lapse of more than a year later, QQ.com and Q – Zone based on the technology platform (there may be some changes, but I don’t particularly carefully studied, largely by the same set of programs) launched a blog channel. QQ.com a web site, the same site, at the same time, "space" and "blog", what is the reason?

      in fact, the answer is very simple, regardless of sina, Sohu, or NetEase, or even TOM, the location of these sites is very clear, is the portal type website, is the media". The blog as "media", on the one hand, greatly strengthened this kind of media portals features, more important is the blog provides a distinct opportunity, can make the portal website have the opportunity to gradually get rid of the previous reliance on traditional media content model, greatly enhance the ability of traditional portals and media in the bargaining among the.

      instead, Baidu, 51, myspce, the space of these websites, without exception, have the function of making friends. On the personal page, on the one hand requires the user to fill in a very detailed personal information, in the program design will also be the user’s personal information and other content on the user page in a prominent position.

      and then look at QQ.com, the reason why the first launch of Q-zone, after the launch of the blog, it is easy to understand more. QQ Q-zone is the first push, to strengthen exchanges and interaction between QQ users, but with more and more QQ.com to be a media, as a portal to enhance their brand image only and must launch a blog channel, although the channel and the original dating platform similar.

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