The site to make their own personality

time: November 9th at 8 30

Speaker: small Nobel (QQ:313190142).


website to make their own personality, highlight your


source: standing friends group (17770150)

the speed of the development of the Internet, especially in China’s development, the speed is not surprising.

network in today’s society is as indispensable as production tools, "network promotion" has become today’s many small and medium enterprises "productivity (Science and technology)". Don’t scold me, Deng Xiaoping said, science and technology is the first productive forces. I just borrowed it. Moreover, there are a lot of companies are now regarded as the operation of the network promotion of capital, rely on the network to play visibility". As for the product and service is good or not, that is another matter, because the customer said (at this point, really reflects the "customer is God").

with the development of the network, the status of search engine in the network increases, and it is a high and high, large and small sites began to rely on search engines to survive, especially the so-called "personal webmaster station".

if there is no search engine to bring the flow, I really do not know how long I can hold, how long can you hold?

I don’t know why everyone called him garbage station, do not know why do these garbage station (probably in order to earn $or

dollars, for the time being, so that there is not the right place to look at you for a while to be corrected.


the first time to write articles on the site, no experience, and never talk about class, a lot of nonsense. Ha ha

SEO development today, with the search engine is constantly changing in a little bit of the algorithm (especially Baidu). Recently, with Google, Baidu and other search engines, we believe that there are a lot of people have suffered. Search engine change algorithm, the purpose is to prevent cheating?. Personally think that the search engine to change the algorithm, its biggest purpose should be to provide better service to the Internet users in order to get the recognition of Internet users. As long as there are the countless netizens support, they have more clout. You can find large and small sites received protection fee, you can also find some business cooperation, earn publicity fees. A little unconvinced, people can open the cheating, we private activity had been through a storm K (although their own cheating that promotion, said the promotion of our small website called cheating). But not really not convinced, they also have their reasons (take you, you go to the "Baidu – Google" search resources, to quickly search to find the resources you want to do, want to search to a lot of "God does not like the shape" website.


, and what we call the "garbage station," seems to be right here

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