Online education hundreds of billions of market has not yet found the outbreak

– IT Times reporter Zhang Yu Weisun Yan

testing the waters of online education who is crossing a river, after the first wave of a seemingly contradictory mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, grimace is the beginning.

Hedi anchaoyongdong, "Helen of Troy" as Gong Haiyan had broken the ladder between network and the good network of this arm to survive, the moment, the online education is about to encounter a collapse of the sound of the tide on the bank but as one falls, another rises; but the influx of investment in a continuous line, or stop watching, or hand power, recently IT occupation online education platform geeks college completed a $22 million B round of financing. Some people say that this is a hundred billion dollars a big cake, but not necessarily everyone can eat.

"this is in each industry will experience the growth stage of the reshuffle, competitors eliminated in uneven in quality does not adapt to the market, the success or failure has value, but investors continue to enter at least that is represent the general trend of online education." Founder of youth education, said Yu Ping ping.

Helen of Troy K12 brings confusion

Online education

"you mean what?" and "IT times" the reporter comes to online education, a primary school headmaster said he was puzzled, in her opinion, the word itself online education does not apply to students, primary and secondary schools, child physical development, online learning more harm than good."

online education is now hot, is usually divided into two categories: one is the vertical training website in English, IT and other professional skills based, age level for larger groups, mostly high school and university students; the other is for the K12 (basic education stage) of the primary and middle school students. The younger students. The former appeared earlier and more mature business model, which was seen as a great seat unlimited potential gold mine, Ai Rui consulting data show that in 2013 Chinese online education market reached 83 billion 970 million yuan, of which, online education in primary and secondary schools (K12) is the fastest growing segments in 2014, accounted for by 7.4% in 2013 the ascent to 12.2%, reached 21 billion 150 million yuan.

September 25th, ladder network is still hanging on the Internet, but its sister site that good network, has been unable to open, pro, because the good network company strategic adjustment, the network has been closed." From the "network matchmaker" transition "network education" of CEO Gong Haiyan, announced the end of the two division of the operation, the future will shift to another one of her foreign language training online education platform 91 teacher network. The main K12 ladder network and the good network failure is interpreted as the industry on the market is expected to be too optimistic aggressive, the size of online education and the time line of the control did not do. It seems that in the traditional education sector, commercial online education does not meet the learning characteristics of the school-age children, the headmaster’s doubts, just point the K12 online education of the "dead", for those who are junior middle school or primary school children, need to

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