He Jiong became Ali, he presided over the program is also realized by the electricity supplier


1, a typical beauty consumer shopping process can be divided into four steps: cognition, search, share, buy, if you want to do video content to watch and buy, must be two functions added after forming a closed community.

2, now the beauty, just a TV financial media matrix in the entrance flow, compared with the App Master broadcast, WeChat, micro-blog fans can enhance user stickiness, which is not only the first to fill the late night TV show.

3, the content of the degree of sincerity and fit is the key factor affecting the conversion rate, if you can cause the resonance of consumers, it is easy to sell goods.

4, I am a big beauty, I hope to make fashion makeup first IP, free from the shackles of the platform, do content and flow distribution, the use of resources to shape the program brand, and then meet the needs of users.




network operators in the world by Wu Sifan

by the mobile side of the wind, beauty electricity supplier went to a fork in the road.

the cat opened makeup school, when trying to attract consumers with the content of the other end of the beauty program makers are ready to. Coincidentally, both in the transition to the Middle States between quality content and shopping guide is no longer quite distinct from each other.

I am a great beauty (hereinafter referred to as "big beauty") is one of the samples, as the 5 year of the Hunan satellite TV show in the United States, it is one of the few survivors of similar programs. In addition to the success of the program itself, the big American quickly grabbed the boom of the mobile side, launched its own App, from every Monday to expand the program to the high frequency of the live broadcast, and the realization of the electricity supplier oriented.

three stage deformation of a mango program

at the end of 2015, has been playing great beauty hosted by He Jiong joined Ali music chief content officer, and before this, this very mango Taiwan characteristics of the program has completed the three section from the TV program, the online community to the electricity supplier’s deformation.

says General Manager Jia Fang, Shanghai happy news is an "atypical" entrepreneurial company: it is Hunan radio’s Happigo wholly owned subsidiary, initial investment of 5 million yuan, rely on "I’m a great beauty the beauty program, happy news for Hunan TV after zero non prime time created the new value, and has been profitable.

2010, beauty launched, started as a small minority, not because of too many market competitors, program form is still fresh, the content itself is very competitive, plus advertising revenue coverage, beauty and not too much pressure.


, including Li Jing’s "beautiful bride", beauty program began with the content of competition, great beauty using WeChat and micro-blog to do.

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