Baidu B2C flagship store on-line channel Fengming plan surfaced

October 13th news, Baidu’s online shopping platform, yes, the official launch of its flagship store channel B2C". Analysts believe that this marks the Baidu "Fengming plan" officially surfaced, taking the Baidu to enter the field of electronic commerce in B2C pace.

it is understood that Baidu has ah, the name of the channel is mainly independent of the B2C, agents, manufacturers class businesses. Tencent technology was informed that in the channel have been stationed in businesses including good music to buy, David still net interest in playing network, according to the cooperation agreement, these businesses are required to join the "consumer protection plan, make credit guarantee by the platform, such as found in the transaction quality problems, the platform can Xianhengpeifu consumer, and commitment to seven days refund". In terms of payment, all the flagship store merchants are supported on delivery.

flagship store to introduce a certain size and credit protection of enterprise class quality businesses, is the current ‘ah’ platform a useful complement to human merchants." Li Mingyuan, general manager of Baidu e-commerce division, said Baidu will provide more targeted services for two types of businesses to enhance its liquidity, to meet the needs of the majority of users of different levels of consumer demand.

and traditional B2C e-commerce platform operating mode is different, Baidu said, yes, especially focus on the openness of the platform. It is understood that, for all the merchants settled in the flagship store, its independent store system will be implemented with the back-end business docking, to achieve commodity orders, inventory information synchronization. This will greatly reduce the cost of multi store business management, improve operational efficiency, while reducing the chance of error order processing.

"ah" for enterprise business platform operation is Baidu internal called "Fengming plan", according to Baidu’s deployment, the future will integrate its resources and to provide one-stop service from brand promotion, traffic into cash transactions for businesses.

Prior to

, Baidu has launched a new comprehensive credit evaluation system "Bretton Woods plan", and help consumers to provide standardized product information to complete the purchase decision, "ark plan". The industry generally believe that the three plans have surfaced, marking the layout of the framework of Baidu X2C e-commerce strategy has been completed, began to expand in the direction of strategic depth.

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