The first female business incubator, her camp was established in Beijing

female entrepreneurs, women’s entrepreneurship foundation, women’s creative alliance…… The birth of a number of new terms mapped out the ecological environment of Chinese women’s entrepreneurship, recently, the first female business incubator established in Beijing, for the cause of women to add another force.

"on her own camp" accelerator open and first female economic venture Product Summit, "she Ying" CEO Ling Zihan, along with the development of female consumer and business strength, entrepreneurship is entering her economic era, "she Ying" as the Chinese female entrepreneurship camp, will connect their productivity and women consumption, women play a more prominent force in the development of economy in consumption.

the summit site exhibited a hall guest, spend some time, pair, fitness, science and technology, seven wheat light pony housekeeper, beaver, the original home of dozens of women leading economy entrepreneurial projects, clean capital, plum angel, venture capital, venture capital, atomic gravity, capital investment, Jingwei Xiangfeng Mito science and technology, TopsFund a number of investment institutions to share and comment on the scene.

in "her" her entrepreneurial economy "era, women hit off the figure is tall, believe in the economic transformation at the same time, female entrepreneurs will also usher in a new development opportunity for the development of gender equality, entrepreneurship more.

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