Regional franchisees are shocked to join the market


in the shop business, a shop can often operate very well, and once opened two stores are a bit busy, it is difficult to do both, and join the region more attractive, it is because they do not have the same problem.

"when only one shop they did very well, but if there are two they will care for this and lose that." –

CrushedRed is a snack food chain that allows diners to customize salads and pizzas. In 2012 when the restaurant just set up a lot of people to join, but from Saint Louis restaurant owner ChrisLaRocca rejected those both are impeccable in experience or money on the applicant.

"regional development is the only thing we have to consider one thing. It allows us to be more successful, but also allows operators to have more room to play. Everything will be arranged in good order." LaRocca says. CrushedRed currently has 2 companies in the restaurant (there are also in the planning of the 8), LaRocca hopes to be able to have on the basis of the end of 2016, there are more than 11 stores.

and regional franchisee usually have strong business relationships, more easy to find suitable real estate agents and suppliers, to pave the way for the early development of stores. This is especially true for the emerging leisure fast food restaurant, the regional multi store chain can help the restaurant in the region and even the whole country quickly started popularity, thereby speeding up the expansion of the restaurant. Many brands are trying to strive for the first mover advantage, speed is the key to winning.

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