Examples of entrepreneurial choice is more important than hard work

Guide: in this era full of opportunities and challenges, what is possible, as long as each person has the courage to uphold the dream of courage, struggle to realize the dream. Today we want to talk about the entrepreneurial story of young entrepreneurs, he told his entrepreneurial experience tells us that the choice is more important than hard work".


the last selected address in Asian Sports Village. At that time, Asian Sports Village is not as lively as it is now, but there are dense and still spread in the community and high-grade office buildings, vibrant, Zhu Chen was fascinated by this forest like picture. Asian Sports Village will certainly be developed, not long before the business opportunities will be revealed, the atmosphere is active, business is good, I came in an earlier step, the customer will be an early step up." It took Zhu Chen a year or so to prove it.

> investment door Fornet laundry shop

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