Entrepreneurship in 2017 to do rural leisure travel services

was once a byword for poverty in rural areas, but in the era of development, everything is changing, and now the increasingly affluent rural areas. More importantly, the city’s fast-paced, heavy pollution of the city, the city’s daily necessities, people are running to the countryside. So, all of this is to usher in the development of rural business opportunities. So, in 2017 to do business in rural leisure vacation travel service?

now people live without worry, a lot of people began to prefer holiday leisure tourism, to the countryside, rural tourism is a major trend in the future tourism. Rustic life Chinese with heritage, tradition, based on rural tourism in a life of travel to us. More people pursue the integration of nature, ecology and culture.

2017 years of entrepreneurship to do rural leisure travel service? Rich in rural resources, including agricultural products, handicrafts, local culture, each place has a number of cultural history, local natural scenery, rural customs. Consumers like to go to a place like this, a taste of the rural taste of the product, feel the folk flavor.

now people playing, eating, leisure vacation market space. If you are a local, you can do a rural tourism service station in the countryside, to guide the city’s consumers, rural tourism, vacation, leisure, shopping and other services. From the village tour guides take visitors to the local farm to eat special food, go to the local scenic spots to play, you can also buy special snack, the local farmer Layu, bacon, live poultry, these are rural good stuff, no additives, eat at ease.

shopping at the same time, can also lead the tourists to do some farm work participation, such as rice, vegetables, harvest experience and other projects, so that the weekend visitors more fun to play, but also an increase of knowledge, can let visitors gain a lot. Entrepreneurship in 2017 to do rural leisure travel services? So do the rural tourism service activities are also relatively rich, as long as you have in mind, this industry can get rich. The rise of rural tourism can promote the development of rural economy and the transfer of local cultural heritage, and meet the demand of tourists’ City, is out of the good cause.

it can be seen that if venture capital to do such a business is a broad space for development. 2017 rural entrepreneurship do what? Although the contents of the above introduction is not much, but enough to let us know, if the entrepreneurial rural leisure travel services will be a good choice oh.

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