Fujian provincial government introduced a new business venture

in today’s society, such a new form of employment, entrepreneurship has become a very good way out, and at the same time, there are many places in the community to actively promote the development of entrepreneurial activities.

start-ups to drive employment can be compensated 30 thousand

The provisions of the provincial government:

in addition, "measures" will be adjusted to entrepreneurship small loans secured loans, according to the requirements of business and has certain business conditions but the lack of venture capital focus groups and employment difficulties, improve the availability of financial services. College students can apply for a maximum of 300 thousand yuan of venture capital guarantee loans, the rest of the maximum amount of loans to meet the conditions of personnel to adjust to $100 thousand.

country can be combined with local conditions, determine the support object, the standards and conditions of the central and provincial policies and regulations issued outside the business loans, subsidized funds from all over themselves. Sound loan assessment methods, not to carry out entrepreneurial loans business within 1 years of the bank, not to continue as a loan guarantee fund guarantee bank business; 2 years of entrepreneurial guarantee lending below 3 times the bank guarantee fund, adjust the amount of deposit guarantee fund. Located in the support of all the existing financial accounts on the guarantee account.


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