The whole network for your detailed interpretation of Nanjing network about cars

busy life make people travel more convenient to go out to fight, become one of the main ways to travel on the Nanjing network about cars of concern in the market, the whole network for your detailed interpretation of Nanjing network about cars. "Nanjing People’s Government on deepening the reform of the taxi industry" and the "Nanjing views the implementation of network booking taxi management procedures" officially released yesterday: currently Nanjing street network about 350 thousand cars only 10% cars may comply with the new deal access conditions; once a network about cars, the vehicle will not be able to recover non operating property; the traditional parade taxis in Nanjing will implement the "all-weather double billing, the company can adjust the rates in the specified range…… Two new deal will give Nanjing taxi pattern how to change? After the implementation of the new deal Nanjing taxi will face what new situation?

policy chapter nets about car

1 which cars can be a net about cars?

1.4T more than medium-sized cars can meet

"Nanjing city network booking taxi management procedures" provisions, in the city engaged in network about cars to operate a vehicle, in addition to give priority to the use of new energy vehicles, vehicles meet the conditions stipulated by the state seven ministries order outside, also include:

1, the first time in the city public security organs of the traffic management department for the registration of seven passenger cars and passenger cars;

2, the new energy automotive vehicle wheelbase 2650 mm or more, including pure electric car mileage of 150 km, plug-in (including by program) hybrid vehicles under the condition of pure electric mileage of 50 km;

3, fuel vehicle vehicle wheelbase reached 2700 mm or more, the engine power of more than 100 kilowatts;

4 and ABS have anti lock brake system and vehicle electronic stability control system security configuration; installation of fixed type vehicle with driving record function of satellite positioning device, with image taking function in the vehicle and emergency alarm device.

5, in addition, to facilitate the public to better identify network about cars, interim measures I also asked about the car network management network about car body should have a unified standard, and the appearance of logo, logo should be obviously different from cruising taxi.

reminder: compared with the previous draft, the official approach to relax the access threshold from three aspects. One is to reduce the engine power requirements, almost more than 1.4T vehicles can be satisfied, two years from the new car is the vehicle within 2 years to relax the car within 3 years; three is the 5 security system was reduced to ABS 2 system. This class of models, the common market recommendation

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