Bai Baihe sun dew face haggard distressed let fans have a fever have a good rest

was called the "desperately Niang female artist Bai Baihe recently due to have a fever hospital, micro-blog drying out her photograph showing a haggard face. After she is still recording TV programs unfortunately broken leg, is dogged by bad luck.

photo of Bai Baihe wearing an oxygen mask, a drip, face is very haggard. Not long ago, Bai Baihe in Zhejiang TV recording "the negotiator" when he broke his leg.

There were many discussions.

@TST secret Southwest: always spicy spell, the body is the capital of revolution.

@ Feng Linan: the body is the capital of revolution, the work is very important, but we must take good care of yourself, that is the best gift to his family.

@wuli A: don’t overdraw health.

@smile Icon: _ small feather love white sister, you also need gold.

@happy: you so hard, so hard, so domineering! Take good care of yourself。

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