How to deal with domestic sewage in Zigong

in our life, we are the most indispensable human resources, water resources for human health is particularly important. Only drinking healthy drinking water, for the human body has a very good protection. However, in the economic development, our ecological environment has been greatly damaged, water resources have been seriously polluted, in order to allow people to drink healthy drinking water, how to deal with domestic sewage in Zigong?

(1) construction model from a single investment to diversify investment. For the facilities of special funds for the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe network special funds central sewage treatment facilities construction and promote the stable operation of the sewage treatment compliance; guide the private capital investment, according to the "who investment, management, who benefits" principle, encourage social capital to take BOT, TOT and other ways to invest in the construction business. Currently the city’s 8 municipal sewage treatment projects, has absorbed social capital of $220 million.

(2) operation management from extensive to fine change. Strengthen the plant operation of standardized management of city sewage treatment, installation of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen on-line monitoring facilities and networking with the environmental protection departments to grasp the situation of operation and management of the township sewage treatment facilities dynamic. The city’s 8 municipal sewage treatment plant designed to deal with the total size of up to 195 thousand tons / day.

(3) sludge disposal from waste treatment to resource utilization. Perfect the diversified investment and financing mechanism, encourage all types of investors to participate in sludge treatment and disposal infrastructure construction; considering the type and nature of the sludge disposal, income and so on, study and formulate relevant fees and incentive policies; try to entrust the third party professional company operation and management mode, promote the sludge treatment and disposal industrialization, marketization operation.

through the above information we can see that Zigong in domestic sewage treatment, mainly adopted 3 measures, the 3 aspects of the measures include: changing the mode of construction investment from a single investment to diversify; change management from extensive to fine; sludge disposal by garbage disposal to the resource use change. I hope that in this series of policies, Zigong’s water pollution can be better treatment.

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