Online transaction real name favorable consumer rights

recent rapid development of the Internet, making e-commerce has also been considerable development. In the trade of the network has penetrated into all aspects of social life today, before the low threshold of network transactions with the new regulations, the national policy for the first time clearly stated "online real name system", the news quickly attracted the attention of all walks of life.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce promulgated the "Interim Measures for the administration of commodity trading and related services" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), for the first time expressly provided that "the real name system". In the network transaction has penetrated into all aspects of social life today, the news quickly aroused the concern of all circles. Many network buyers have expressed their support, and that such a provision, so that they are more secure in the future online shopping. The seller is a different attitude. Economists said that the continued development of e-commerce is an inevitable trend, this direction will not change because of the real name system shop. What will happen to the new system will depend on the specific practice in the future implementation process.

online shopping mall: wait for the operating rules promulgated

although the approach has just come out, which can be proposed in the real name system for online shopping market in China, the leader Taobao, it has not been considered a new thing.

Taobao public relations department, a relevant person in charge told reporters that the company as early as the date of birth in 2003, began to implement real name shop. Want to set up shop on Taobao, to upload the owner’s identity card information." And other site staff to verify, confirm the authenticity of the upload documents information, will be provided to the owner of an agreement, and ultimately complete the online shop procedures. If the store after the encounter business disputes, or what to do illegal things, to find the owner according to the upload information.

when referring to the "measures" in "with registration requirements (online stores), the requirement for industrial and commercial registration in accordance with law, the responsible person said, in its B2C (business to customer e-commerce) business areas, over the years has always been required to comply with the registration requirements for industrial and commercial stores registered in accordance with the law; but in the C2C (electronic commerce between individuals) in the field of business, in order to keep the network business" low threshold "consideration," since the relevant departments had not asked us to the store, the industrial and commercial registration does not require too much."

the official also said that the current need to wait for the introduction of operating rules. "To see the details, we will according to the contents of the website, the operation process is improved appropriately, will also help guide the store to make the necessary adjustments."

buyers and sellers: some people are happy to worry about


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