The business of Li Changshun

different operators, there will be a different business, and many people’s business will be unpopular, by virtue of the nature of their own business. Li Changshun, his hometown in Gansu Qinan, later moved to Ningxia Hukou in Pingluo County of Shizuishan, he was very kind, never dispute, as long as the acquaintance to ask him for help, he would not hesitate to put his work aside to help him.

he was not very particular, reveal an honest part, hard-working farmer man image from the bones. He came to our primary school education, Shizuishan city Ningxia Pingluo County from start empty-handed development up to now operates a more than and 300 square meters of medium-sized supermarkets more than a dozen years ago. How hard the road of entrepreneurship, honest people always have good opportunities. Let’s take a look at his entrepreneurial history.

livelihood on the road to make a choice

2000 Gansu home to successive years of drought, crops almost every year crops, livelihood Baba Li Changshun McCain said in laws with a wife and three children out of poverty mountain home came to our the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Shizuishan city in Pingluo County, brother-in-law, under the help of the dish to a canteen for rural habitat three, children have been in the countryside primary school enrollment.


out two years earlier than his brother-in-law, opened a small wholesale department in the county, every day is also riding a tricycle delivery business is better than the day every day. Li Changshun also learned of doing business, arranged in the "home" at the same time pitching moment, bought a bike to start on delivery, the beginning everything is so difficult, but Li Changshun didn’t compromise.

every day he rode to the County Department of wholesale own commodity wholesale and then sent to the countryside at the grocery store to earn little difference, again in the afternoon to buy their own wholesale department store sold merchandise. Day in and day out, with increasing year after year, savings, he went to town to buy a tricycle to start shipping, from the time the business is improving, he will own the canteen to expand the business scope, apply the "tobacco monopoly license", the village canteen also extended to the local famous wholesale department.

Department of wholesale wife alone to look after him every day, still riding a tricycle to to the nearby village of commissary delivery, as long as there is demand, no matter how much money, no matter how difficult the road he Haowuyuanyan will be sent to the customer customer goods store. With the continuous accumulation of savings, Li Changshun felt close to the surrounding the market wholesale is to look into the block, he farther around the area, and he made a bold decision, it will be one or two years of accumulated more than twenty thousand yuan to buy a farm vehicle, and the carriage bag a large container iron. From then on he shipped on the road to a new stage.

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