Go on the road of entrepreneurship that Feng Zhanbin draws inspiration from the green mountains and

sometimes entrepreneurial creative is not from the deliberate pursuit of just a moment of inspiration, for the entrepreneurial life bring changes in turn the world upside down. Feng Zhanbin’s career was inspired by a neat nursery.

"young do things you love" is Feng Zhanbin’s entrepreneurial drive.

2013 a chance, Feng Zhanbin found a village in the land circulation, the whole nursery planting, he was in front of neat and spectacular attraction, flash: "this is what I want to looking for hard entrepreneurial projects, can not only rely on the rich ecological agriculture business, but also hold the hometown beautiful scenery."

tree, Feng Zhanbin and use of forest land, through the green farmhouse backyard, breeding chicken 3000, chicken more than 4000, more than 20 black pig. The planting area in planting vegetables, cucumber, pumpkin, onion etc. have not dyed a drop of pesticides in seasonal vegetables; economic crops, planting high-quality crops of sweet potato, millet, mung bean, okra and so no fertilizer; in fishing area, the planning area of about 15 acres of fish ponds is currently tight Zhang Shigong.

Feng Zhanbin captures the most development potential of the rural entrepreneurship opportunities, recommended

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