How to face the failure of College Students

placed in front of every entrepreneur is the reality of China’s small and medium enterprises entrepreneurial success rate of less than 10%, more than 90% of entrepreneurs will end in failure. This statistic is warning of many entrepreneurs, to do a good job of psychological preparation for failure, establish a correct concept of entrepreneurship.

A, to do the ideological preparation of entrepreneurship. Career is the starting point, entrepreneurship is the pursuit of. Entrepreneurship is the key link in the development of professional life, in the employment pressure of the larger social environment, strong sense of entrepreneurship and ideological preparation can get better development opportunities, and even help others to obtain employment.

Third, to improve the quality and ability of entrepreneurship. Need the courage to venture, but the need is Zhiyong, not reckless. In addition to the entrepreneurial thinking of entrepreneurship, the courage to start thinking, but also strive to improve their entrepreneurial ability. We should not rigidly adhere to the form, but also fully consider their own conditions, business environment and other practical factors.

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