The Spring Festival is difficult to go home to Jiangxi migrant workers sent a love car

due to the needs of life a lot of people away from their hometown, embarked on a journey to work, but in the upcoming new year, some people are reluctant to spend money to go home by car. Working for so many years, for the first time so smoothly to go home for the new year, very warm heart." In January 16th 20 pm, in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou City Tianjian square, 40 year old Zhong Hongmei and her husband boarded the "love bus", is about to open the trip.

left home for a whole year, that can immediately see the children left behind in rural areas, their joy shows between the lines. To help smooth home fellow working in Guangdong, Guangdong Province, Jiangxi Fenyi chamber of Commerce launched the "warm winter action road home" public welfare activities, organization of the bus in batches of free access migrant workers to return home for the new year.

16 on the morning of 6, the first "love car" from departure to Guangzhou fenyi. After 10 hours, at 16 PM, "love car" arrived in Guangzhou, the chamber of Commerce staff are busy preparing for work. Take the first "love car" 43 fellow Fenyi, working in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, respectively, Foshan, Zhongshan and other places. The staff is very close to each person prepared bread, instant noodles, beverages, thermos cups and other supplies, there is hot water supply.

fellow migrant entrepreneurship is not easy, as far as possible to help them smooth home reunion." Talking about the original intention of the event, Guangdong province Jiangxi Fenyi chamber of Commerce President Zhong Hui said, the Spring Festival approaching, considering that many villagers to buy tickets, so they proposed to use the bus handlebar back, enhance the cohesion of the villagers in this way. This proposal was a member of the chamber of commerce all agree, have started to raise funds and materials, the use of WeChat group issued a notice to the villagers, and the formation of the seal of Guangdong Lu Qun home warm nostalgia".

1 17, 13, 43 of the villagers arrived Fenyi county. China postal branch Fenyi prepared more than 5 postal delivery vehicles to meet the company’s general manager Liu Xiaoying told reporters, taking into account the villagers dragging packages taxi home is not convenient, especially the use of existing postal delivery vehicles will be sent to the villagers from the door to get off the ground, "home delivery" the last kilometer of warm.

Spring Festival is difficult for migrant workers how to go home? The local government’s warm heart action, "love car" has many people outside the Chinese warm heart! At the same time, according to reports, the chamber of Commerce Fenyi have organized 3 bus, respectively in 16 days, 18 days, 20 days after about 150 villagers home. With the proliferation of news, enrollment is also increasing. "If the 3 car is not enough, we will increase the number of flights, to ensure that every one of the villagers have a good home." Zhong Hui said, there have been more than 30 entrepreneurs in Guangdong Fenyi contribution, has raised 30 thousand yuan to raise money, still, if there is surplus, as the chamber of Commerce charity fund used to help recommend

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