Shop business to do fine service

now shopkeepers know the importance of service, is willing to invest in this area, but although the slogan loud, but seemingly did not implement real fine, this is no way to let consumers feel satisfied. Once a company clerk to our counter to buy alcohol, 30 hard "Chinese", to pay the bill, invoice clerk.

when he heard that the clerk said that the store had been used up, the clerk said he would not buy it. Salesperson said, invoices can come up at any time, but the other side is still shaking his head again and again, said the company is too far away from the mall, in order to make up an invoice to run again, too much trouble. No matter how the salesperson said, the clerk is unmoved, eventually left. This business is not because of the reasons for the invoice.

later, another company clerk came to buy 50 items "Nanjing". The clerk said that the invoice just ran out, responsible for the procurement clerk hesitated. Sales staff said that although the invoice is all used up, but the mall has to go to the tax bureau to buy invoices invoice, it is estimated that the end of the chapter will be able to come back. If the customer is trustworthy, and we can counter to open a receipt marked "no invoice" in the above, after the customer can fill the invoice at any time. After listening to the other party feel feasible, then pay the money with a cigarette and a receipt to go. Two days later, the clerk on the way to fill the invoice, but also for the second time consumption.


before the Spring Festival every year, some of the major customers to purchase goods sales accounted for about 60% of the total market sales of the month, therefore, each big shopping malls are very important to the procurement of large customers. The size of the mall, the full range of goods, is the first choice of large customer procurement, but if the business does not pay attention to some details, or do not business. In the first example, because of the small details of the invoice affect the business. In other words, the details determine success or failure. Businesses should not only provide first-class hardware resources to customers "(goods, shopping facilities, etc.) to provide first-class software resources" (service and reputation), only the meticulous service, to win more customers.

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will contribute to the formation of a transaction, in fact, is related to many factors, which require operators to pay more attention to. Adequate supply, service in place is a big shopping malls, supermarkets attract customers magic weapon. Be sure to pay attention to the details such as the preparation of the invoice, the service will be fine, so as to avoid small problems affecting the big business. To strengthen the training of sales staff, improve their professional quality, grasp the opportunity to sell, do a good job in every business.

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