The drinks are not common in the twelve station

this drink is not only to do the beverage market, more is to show a live art to the masses of consumers. The twelve stop, not just the consumption of drinks is a dream place. Those who are crazy for the pursuit of dreams have been doing their favorite brand.

(TWELVE STATIONS) twelve stations by pioneer designers, and elite gourmet food beverage research division planning establishment. This is a reality, but never give up the ideal of people, a group of paranoid pursuit of differentiation and the quality of life of art lovers, a group of professional and devout practitioner of perfectionism. Adhering to the "artisan spirit (Craftsman ‘s spirit)", the essence of nature for many years focused on urban tea. The original best quality raw materials, the most skilled handicrafts, the most stringent quality standards, their best to improve the China city tea.

brand spirit:


1, tea lifestyle.

2, a member of the chain model of leader

3, city tea safety quality to

4, China city tea category convenient consumption leader

twelve station join advantage

1, zero join fee, win-win cooperation help shop


has never had the history of zero jiamengfei brand, "confident, open, sharing, win-win" we have always uphold the concept of cooperation; no initial fee is to reduce business costs, reduce the financial pressure to speed up the shop, the store investment cycle; enhance entrepreneurial confidence, help more people who harbor dreams, power entrepreneurial innovation, " era of change. At the same time also hope that our efforts can promote the healthy development of the industry, enhance the new image of the domestic food and beverage industry. For investors to create a reliable food and beverage market.

2, super symbol, new tea culture consumption

international famous brand design company services, from simple beverage consumption rose to a new generation of urban lifestyle consumption. Located in the city of tea Chinese whole category of convenient consumer guide. The store sells a single product from the rise to the cultural attribute of sale many derivatives (brand T-shirts T-shirts, tea consumption fast package, 12 stations, 12 stations mascot constellation creative derivatives, 12 station creative life supplies), store sales system diversification, the strong vitality of the brand, brand symbol. Brand value refining clear, closely linked to the minds of consumers, to create a city life category tea market. >

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