Some tips for small business

some of the project investment is relatively small, the risk is relatively low, so that the market has a lot of small entrepreneurs welcome, if the choice of small business, entrepreneurs should pay attention to what? Let’s take a look at some of the tips of small business.

1. to have such a strong sense of self-confidence and responsibility: if I do not engage in such sales, the community can not be successful.

2. be kind to wholesalers. If you are right, you have to speak frankly.

3. if there is no gift, give a smile".

4. if you want to hire a clerk to work for yourself, you have to make a reasonable system in terms of treatment and welfare.

5. to continuous innovation. Beautify the store display, one of the key is to attract customers.

6. waste a piece of paper, but also will make commodity prices.

7. getting out of stock, and neglect the customer, the shop is also wrong negligence. At this time, should apologize.

8. often think about the gains and losses of the day, to form the habit of not calculating today’s gains and losses do not sleep.

9. to get the customer’s credit and praise

10. salesman must carry one or two pieces of goods and advertising, brochures.

11. to work full of spirit, so that the store full of vitality, customers will naturally come together.

12. businessmen do not have the so-called recession. No matter what the situation, find the right way to make money.

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