Catering off-season promotional programs to help improve the popularity of restaurants

is now in the streets, people can often see some variety of promotions, especially when some holidays, almost every store will launch a number of promotional programs, so when the off-season sales are catering scheme which good?

in the restaurant’s traditional off-season, many operators of restaurant promotions headache. In fact, in the off-season, the restaurant can focus on the seasonal characteristics of the adjustment of product strategy, but don’t ignore the restaurant itself in the position adjustment of product strategy at the same time, leading to the customer for the restaurant business direction of the disorder, which affects the implementation of the overall business strategy. Every manager is clear, a good promotional activities, not only to bring the restaurant consumption, but also through the promotion of this activity, to promote the brand, deep into the hearts of the customer base. Create more opportunities for the future development or operation of the restaurant.

A, all kinds of festival theme

in the name of cultural promotion. Restaurants can learn cooking competitions, speech contests, entertainment enthusiasts nights, and sports practice, held the theme of delicacy, as a movie or TV show gaming nights, cooperation and Wine held seminars and other activities taking taste in restaurants, to attract people to participate, to expand the visibility of restaurants and dishes.


discount way

1, draw

2, two people dining, only pay a copy of the money (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.)

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