Workers vanguard flag presentation ceremony

recently, the provincial labor competition committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions and the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction held the province’s affordable housing construction in Qinghai plateau pioneer workers flag presentation ceremony in Minhe County, awarded at the Provincial Department of housing and urban housing reform and security have made outstanding contributions in the construction of affordable housing projects in 8 advanced collective of Qinghai plateau "pioneer workers title.

of affordable housing projects is a major livelihood projects, is an important part to promote the construction of structural reforms and the supply side of the new town, it is very important to improve the living environment of urban and rural masses and promoting the steady growth of investment, has the significance. Since 2008, the province has started construction of affordable housing and various types of shantytowns 538 thousand and 300 units (households), basically built 402 thousand and 500 units, check in 269 thousand and 800, a total investment of $69 billion 600 million. Coverage of urban affordable housing reached 28%, exceeding the state determined by the end of 12th Five-Year to reach the target of 20%.

in the construction of affordable housing projects in our province, the construction units to create "boutique housing projects" security as the goal, to be the main force, "12th Five-Year", the post do meritorious contribution, building a new Qinghai "as the theme, organize and mobilize the masses of workers to carry out a wide range of engineering quality," more than safe production, than the project progress, lowering the efficiency ratio than the scientific and technological innovation, than labor management "as the main content of the meritorious labor competition, carry forward the" high altitude hypoxia no shortage of spirit, the pursuit of higher quality workers "plateau, hard, striving for excellence, the engineering construction has become the party and the government assured that people are satisfied with the quality of the project. To complete the task of building affordable housing projects have made outstanding contributions.


flag after the ceremony, the Provincial Federation of trade unions for employees of the housing project of the construction security sent a wonderful literary program, and condolences to the 10 workers in difficulty.


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