Xining RS to complete the small Treasuries supervision and inspection work

Xining Municipal State Taxation Bureau in 2011 to carry out the "small treasury" based on a comprehensive review of the work, combined with the daily financial audit, economic responsibility audit of leading cadres, inspection work practice, grasp supervision inspection work from three aspects.

the Bureau focused on local financial subsidy income to set up small Treasuries, rental and asset disposal income, the establishment of small Treasuries and other forms of supervision and checks, checks up, tested the city, West, North District of Huangyuan County State Taxation Bureau, tax bureau and Bureau Inspection Bureau and other units, Supervision checks reached 56%. At the same time, also to strengthen budget preparation, budget execution, budget approval and other key aspects of the audit, adhere to financial law, serious financial discipline, to realize the transformation from "financial affairs" to "management". Effectively expand the small Treasuries special governance efforts, efforts to improve the governance of the small Treasuries work efficiency, to build a timely manner to find and correct the small Treasuries behavior of the first line of defense.


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