Starting this year, a household table transformation benefit three counties in urban areas

this year, the Xining power company will be three districts of Xining city and the surrounding area of the 47 counties of the implementation of a user of a household a table transformation project 40217. It is reported that the next 3 to 5 years, the company will be fully completed in the Xining area of the meter combined with the work of the residents of the residential renovation work, to ensure that users in the power quality and power to enhance the ability to get the benefits of the same time in.

in combination with electric meter network with different price, service is not unified, the problems in power quality standards, electrical safety risks and other residents, "a form of a renovation project by the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission unified deployment, Xining power supply company of the specific implementation, the transformation of financing by the government, power companies etc. the relevant departments of the transformation of residents do not charge any fees. The scope of the transformation includes residential area distribution equipment, into the household line, the next line, billing meter and other electricity facilities. In order to ensure "a form of renovation project is progressing smoothly, the work principle of Xining power supply company in strict accordance with the" unified planning, financing channels, step by step, and steadily push forward the "organization, sales department, development department, the Ministry of construction, operation and maintenance department, financial department" Baotuan "force, coordination and cooperation, to promote the centralized management and planning, project implementation, maintenance and other work distribution facilities. At present, the transformation project has entered the design, material bidding link. (author: Jia Ming Ma Jianxia)

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